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An In-depth Look at our Client Portal and Planning Tools

Every DJ client is provided with their very own custom online-portal allowing you to easily select your music, draft your timeline and stay in constant communication with our Management Team.

Drag and Drop your songs in each specific folder. Add your own for those obscure picks that may not be in the database.

Stay organized with specific folders for each specialty song with a convenient comment box for specific instructions for your DJ.

If you're having trouble finding songs, our portal provides song ideas for each specific activity or feel free to call or email our knowledgable staff to assist you. We have a lot of great suggestions ready for you.

Draft your timeline with our easy-to-use drag and drop interface with activities ready to be inserted in the correct time slot.

Our additional planning form allows you to specifically detail the different parts of the wedding. During our final meetings, we will run through all the activities to make sure execution is seamless, giving you the peace of mind we know exactly how you want everything to flow.

Manage your invoices and contracts in the profile section of the portal.

The portal allows us to be in constant communication and stay organized throughout the entire pre-planning process. Thanks for choosing us to be your Entertainment. We look forward to Rockin' it for YOU!

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